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About is a small script which reads two or more AIDA XML files and creates comparison plots of the histograms in the AIDA files. The plots are saved in .dat files in the input format of To create PostScript or PDF file from the .dat files, you need to run


To run call [options] reffile mcfile1 [mcfile2 ...]

where reffile is the AIDA reference data file and the mcfiles are the AIDA files to be compared with the reference. Possible options are:

-o <OUTDIR>, \--outdir=<OUTDIR>

Specify a directory in which the .dat plot files will be stored. If the directory does not exist, it is created.

-l <HISTOGRAMLIST>, \--histogram-list=<HISTOGRAMLIST>

Specify a file with a list of histogram names (one name per file). Only those histograms are plotted. Lines starting with # and invalid names are ignored. Without this option, all histograms in the AIDA files are used.