Professor is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


Getting the source code

So far, there is no release of Professor. The latest source code can be obtained from hepforge via SVN:

svn co professor

This creates the folder professor in the current directory.


You need to make the libraries known to your system by creating a symbolic link in one of the locations included in the PYTHONPATH environment variable. You can find out what is in there by echo $PYTHONPATH

Let's assume your PYTHONPATH contains the following location /user/local/lib/python2.5 then you need to navigate there

cd /user/local/lib/python2.5

Further assuming the professor source have been copied to /user/local/software/professor you need to create the symbolic link as such:

ln -s /user/local/software/professor/professor professor

You can verify that the installation went fine by starting a python or IPython shell and type:

import professor

If you have installed a recent version of IPython you can load a professor profile as such:

ipython -p professor

In order to be able to use the scripts delivered with professor you need to add the folders professor/bin and professor/contrib to your PATH environment variable:

export PATH:/user/local/software/professor/bin:$PATH
export PATH:/user/local/software/professor/contrib:$PATH

You may want to make these changes to your environment variables permanent by adding the lines above to your ~/.bashrc.

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