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A fairly simple to use GUI program that allows to immediately visualise the change of an observables shape under parameter shifts.

Key features:

  • "On the fly" parameterisation of a generators response to shifts in parameter space
  • Intuitive adjustment of parameter settings within the sampling ranges using sliders
  • Ad-hoc calculation and drawing of observable histograms depending on the current parameter setting
  • Plotting of reference data and ad-hoc calculation of observables goodness of fit
  • Thus, allowing for manual tuning!!!
  • Two observables can be drawn at a time, thus a comparison is possible


  • Matplotlib version
  • wxPython version


This is the commandline that will start prof-I:

prof-I -m mc-old -r ref -O tune2/weights

-m specifies the directory with the Monte Carlo runs

-r specifies the directory with the reference data files

-O specifies an observable file. This is useful if one is only interested in a certain set of observables. If this switch is ommitted, all available observables can be chosen in the GUI.

Manual and Screenshots

This is a screenshot of the GUI:

Here is an explanation of the applications components:

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