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Interactive parameterisation GUI – prof-I

prof-I is a graphical user interface which reads reference data and prof-interpolate interpolation files from a data directory and allows you to interactively explore how variations of parameters will affect different observables. Two observables can be viewed at once, and as many parameters can be varied as you can fit on screen!

prof-I can be very useful in the early stages of a tune for parameter space
exploration, for debugging if the minimiser or parameterisations seem to be failing, or for investigation if the physics model itself is struggling.

The --datadir DATADIR and related options are used as normal to specify the reference data, MC runs, and interpolation objects: see the path options page.

More usage details will be provided later, but we hope that the user interface is reasonably clear. To run it, just use the same command line options as you would with prof-tune.


Document the parameter name -> description translation and any non-obvious GUI details.

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