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Weights file syntax

Weights files are used for different purposes by professor:

The syntax of weights file is line-oriented: Each line defines the weight for a set of bins of an observable. The weight definitions have the form:

/AnalysisID/Observable:startValue:endValue weight # comment

This defines a weight for the bins with a center value within the interval [startValue, endValue] for observable /PATH_TO/OBSERVABLE. startValue and endValue can be omitted meaning to include all bins from the start or all bins to the end, respectively. E.g:

/DELPHI_1996_S3430090/d11-x01-y01::0.14 2.0
/DELPHI_1996_S3430090/d11-x01-y01:0.14: 1.0

defines a weight of 2.0 for the bins with a bin center below 0.14 and a weight of 1.0 for bins with a bin center above 0.14 for the 1-Thrust observable of this DELPHI analysis.

Everything after a # is treated as a comment and ignored as well are empty lines.

The weight can be omitted. In this case the weight is taken to be 1.0 .

To set the same weight for all bins of an observable the bin-range definition can be omitted completely:

/AnalysisID/Observable2 2.3

The above defines a weight of 2.3 for all bins in /AnalysisID/Observable2.

Extended observable info

As of version 1.3.0, Professor also supports an extended weights file format similar to Python function argument lists:

/AnalysisID/Observable2 2.3 extraerr=10% # or /AnalysisID/Observable2:1.5:3.0 weight=2.3 extraerr=10%

The path spec, including the x-range, is exactly the same as described above, but “variable names” can be specified, with the “weight” name being optional. At present the only extra argument supported by prof-tune is “extraerr”, which specifies an extra error contribution in the chi2 calculation in addition to the MC and reference errors taken from the input data files. If just a number, this is taken to be an absolute value; otherwise if it ends in a percent sign (%) or a multiplication sign (x) it will be taken to represent a percentage or fraction of the reference bin value respectively.

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